Drinking Water Products

Drinking water throughout the day (one glass every 20-30 minutes) will help your body function at optimal levels. Drinking abundant water can have rejuvenating effects, can improve memory and concentration, it can reduce joint pain, chronic fatigue and allergy symptoms, it can also reduce the risk of cancer by 50 to 80%. Your body’s disease-fighting capabilities are enhanced when cells are well hydrated. When cells are fully hydrated they produce more repair proteins and white blood cells. This helps combat infections, allergens and inflammation.

Drinking Water Products

Most people still get their drinking and cooking water from their household tap. That water originates from local streams, lakes, rivers and some underground sources before being run through a water treatment plant. For a number of reasons this municipal filtration does not completely free your tap water of various pollutants or even diseases that can continue to be present in the finished treated water.

Drinking Water ProductsFor most people who are conscious of their water needs and water quality, the safest water is one purified by Reverse Osmosis process, and the most cost effective solution is a point of use (POU) Reverse Osmosis system. Installed under the sink Reverse Osmosis systems provide a convenient and inexpensive way of obtaining pure water you can rely on. Many people prefer it because, regardless of cost, it is the ONLY way to guarantee that the water quality is up to the recommended standards.

Many of the bottled waters being sold in stores contain nothing more than standard tap water that has been run through the reverse osmosis process. RO water is generally 99% pure and tastes as good as most bottled waters. Here’s the best part, it’s significantly cheaper. The filter cartridges in the RO filter, given normal usage, will last about a year before you have to replace them.

Many stores have machines that dispense pure drinking water. If you read about the water the machine is dispensing, it’s RO water. That machine basically has a high volume RO filter in it. Chances are, the RO filters cartridges aren’t changed as often as they should, and the water isn’t near as pure as you would get at home. The money you can save by purchasing your own filter is tremendous. Just in a year the savings would be almost $200.00!

We offer drinking water applications such as Reverse Osmosis which can be linked to your refrigerator and ice maker, single cartridge filters and bottle-less water coolers with filtration.