Commercial Water Purification

 water softenerThe water experts here at Affordable Water treatment have worked with some of the largest companies in Central Florida helping them to purify their water and they can help your business too.

Commercial water purification systems are similar to residential systems just on a larger scale. There are two basic criteria for needing a commercial system. One is if the establishment processes more than twelve gallons of water per minute. The second is the size of the water line coming into the establishment. If the diameter is 1.5” or larger, a commercial system should be installed. There are two basic commercial water purification systems. One being a tank based system and the other reverse osmosis system.

The reverse osmosis system will eliminate a wide variety of harmful or distasteful elements. It is based on the use of a semi-permeable membrane. This membrane will allow water to pass through but not larger contaminants. These contaminants are flushed down a drain and not collected in a filter. The system also uses a cross-flow process. This process allows the membrane to self-clean on a continuing basis. Water pressure is used to generate the process and generally the standard water pressure is sufficient. Certain elements and chemicals can be degrading to the membrane so a filter may be used to prolong the life of the membrane.

Commercial Water Purification

Another commercial system would be the water softener. Although the commercial works the same as a residential system, the size is the difference. The size of the system is based on the amount of water used and the size of the establishment. The softener includes a mineral tank; brine tank, tubing, and connectors; distributor tube; gravel and resin; and control valve. The system works by replacing the ions causing the hardness with sodium ions making the water soft. The amount of sodium used is based on the hardness of the water being treated.

Systems can include a backwashing filter. This consist of a media tank containing filtering material. The backwashing filter cleans itself by disposing of the contaminants gathered from the filtered water.

Commercial Water Purification Systems Commercial systems may include monitoring as well as water testing components. This allows control over the quality of the water without relying on outside labs. You know immediately if there is a problem and can work to correct it in a timely manner.

A rather unique commercial water purification system is the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection system. This system treats microbiologically polluted waters. The system includes UV lamps where the water flows. Once the microorganisms are exposed to the UV light they are “killed”. Once “dead”, the water is considered free of any harmful elements.

The size of these commercial systems is based on the amount of water needing to be purified. How much water flow per minute will be going through the system? Once this is established, then the decision will be what system is best for your business? A water bottling company may need a different type system than a chemical plant. Working with the professionals at Affordable Water Treatment Inc can recommend the best commercial water purification systems available to fit your company’s needs.

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